Informed in Four

Informed in Four with Dr. Ellison Anne Williams

Episode Summary

TechInformed’s new podcast series offers you the opportunity to get to know tech leaders and find out what really motivates them. Split into four 4-5 mins sections, we discuss the leader's journey, what drives them daily, what inspires them both in life and in business, the key aspects and issues currently impacting their business, and the role technology plays in both their lives and their operations.

Episode Notes


In this episode, our very own James Pearce speaks Dr Ellison Anne Williams, CEO and founder of Enveil – a pioneering Privacy Enhancing Technology company. Highly educated and extremely driven, Dr Williams saw an opportunity to change the paradigm of privacy enhancing technology in a way that would transform how organisations could leverage and utilise data.

An entrepreneur, a mother of five, and a recipient of 'more degrees than anyone should have', Dr Williams tells James all about the wonders of privacy enhancing technology, how her 12 year tenure at the NSA inspired her to create Enveil, and what other tech excites her.